Today’s publicly funded health and human service programs face steep challenges. After years of difficult budgets and growing populations, the imperative to make the best use of resources and achieve results has never been more important.  In addition, with implementation of the Affordable Care Act the health care arena continues to evolve.

Publicly sponsored populations stand to benefit greatly from federal health reform and human service program innovations, but their benefit is reliant on dual outcomes:

  • Effective policy and program development at the state and county levels.
  • Effective service delivery strategies by the many public, private and nonprofit organizations that provide health and human services to safety-net populations.

The dynamics of today’s health and human services arena demand that decision-makers in government, nonprofits, the private sector, and foundations make clear-eyed assessments of what works and what doesn’t, focus on outcomes, and develop practical strategies to achieve results.

The Kemper Consulting Group helps decision-makers tackle today’s critical health and human services challenges by providing focused consulting that is grounded by practical experience.  Our team helps clients address the policy, program and financing issues they face in promoting a strong health and human services delivery system.