The act or process of raising or providing funds for a policy or program purpose and the process of spending those funds on specific services or interventions.

Identifying sources of revenue to support a specific policy or program is a critical part of financing today’s health and human service programs. But focusing only on revenue generation misses half of a two-part equation.  Equal attention needs to be given to how that revenue is expended and whether that spending produces outcomes that meet policy and program goals.

In addition, much of the financing for today’s publicly funded health and human services programs is categorical and dedicated to singular purposes. However, safety-net populations don’t present as categories of people with singular needs.  They frequently have needs that cross categorical boundaries.

Our consultants understand the connections between publicly funded programs, the opportunties and limitations of existing financing mechanisms and revenue streams, and the opportunities for collaboration and coordination of resources to improve program goals – not for just one program or system, but for multiple programs and systems.  Our consultants have made budgets and programs work in good times and lean times and offer this experience to help clients develop financing strategies that support a strong health and human services delivery system.