Our approach for policy and program development and operational reviews is straightforward and follows four key steps:


  • Establish a clear description of the problem to be addressed.
  • Investigate and identify proven approaches for addressing the problem.
  • Analyze the larger policy and financing context for development of a solution, including opportunities and constraints.
  • Determine the preferred solution, including goals and associated objectives.


  • Lay out a formal plan for policy, program or organizational development.
  • Specify and link goals and objectives to specific, achievable results.
  • Define the performance measures and the data that will be collected and analyzed to assess performance and achievement of results.
  • Secure approval for the preferred solution, either through administrative or local or state legislative decision-making, including any necessary financing.


  • Define specific action steps and an associated timeline.
  • Implement the preferred solution in accordance with the action steps and timeline.
  • Lay the foundation for data collection, reporting and future analysis by defining the data to be collected, the frequency for data reporting, and mechanism for data collection.
  • Collect data, periodically assessing completeness and data quality.


  • As necessary, further define and refine performance measures for assessing achievement of results.
  • Aggregate and analyze reported data.
  • Prepare reports on the effectiveness of the approach based on data analysis.
  • Assess the need for refinements or changes to the solution to promote effective outcomes.